My interest in fabrics started in 1958 with my grandfather's fabric samples. He was a salesman for women's dresses and he would give me his old swatch cards. I took these cards and would sell the swatches to the girls in the neighborhood for doll dresses (I was 8). Throughout high school my best classes were in design, drafting and art. Searching for a direction to take my artistic talents I enrolled as a Design Major at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science in 1968. I quickly rediscovered fabrics and started a lifelong passion for hand woven fabrics. I graduated from PCT&S in 1972 after spending a year studying Textile Design in Galashields, Scotland.

  After several years as a designer in New York, in 1978, I started "Weave One" a design studio and retail store for yarn and weaving supplies in Fetter Mills Square, Pennsylvania. In 1979, the studio moved to Jenkintown , Pennsylvania and expanded to include an art gallery featuring creative textile designs. While the retail store closed in 1981, I have continued to pursue my love of fibers and design. After many years of sales management experience within the gift industry I have returned to my weaving and have today reopened my studio in Berkeley California.

  My weavings range from traditional designs to three -dimensional wall hangings. As a professional designer I use fibers and design in unconventional ways. Using a combination of traditional design patterns or multi layer techniques with unexpected colors, fibers and textures I create each individual weaving, Please visit my gallery to see current weavings that are available for purchase. My studio is open by appointment only so if you are in the Berkeley area please give me a call. To order any of the weavings or to discuss a custom project please contact me by email.

Jack Abrohms